Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Be still my heart while I dream.....

I know..I know the title of my blog is My big Knitting Trip. But today I must tell you about this undivided lust for shoes that I have. I was searching the web when I came upon these beauties (It's all Bear Maiden's fault she was talking about shoes on our way home...). They are part of what I call my lusty dream( Yes I know lust dreams should have another subject, but this is my dream and don't ruin it!)

Anyway arghhh! These bring the animal out in me:

From my man Christian Louboutin

And then these are so Sex and the City (In honor of the movie, which I will be seeing on Friday...)

Jimmy Choo's(Sigh ....) and Givenchy, for the Gladiator in me( Where's my whip.....)

So short and brief today , I will come back to my yarns but I had to write about these beautiful and HOT shoes. But wait I did see another sweater that I would like to knit, now will it match any of these shoes? You tell me and keep dreaming with me.

It's call the Goddess sweater I saw this on this Sexy Knitters Club .

Well add this to the projects I will start once I finish the WIP's that are in bags(yeah right! watch me go get the yarn and start..)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happenings in a sleepy town

The neighborhood where I live is one of those old areas that many call a sleepy town. So there we were having breakfast at the local diner and we hear an explosion. Next thing you know a long beloved bar that has been in the island goes up in flames and the only pizza place on the City Island:

So cheers to Rhodes where I celebrated my wedding rehearsal.We always came to Rhodes after any celebration because it was home in the evenings for many of us. Where I met the best friends someone could ever have(Bearmaiden and my Crazy Connecticut Girl) and where we spent nights singing away and having a good time....


Today while looking to clean up my yarn stash and uploading pictures of my projects. I came upon my Italy pictures.

There she is in the midst of one of the most beautiful and breathtaking buildings that I have ever seen The Vatican. Full of tourists,noise and conmotion taking time to pray. At that moment all I could think was I hope I can find the peace that she does, and in that moment I did. Today looking back I realize that that once in awhile we need to stop and look for the moments....

Talk about reminiscing(I trying to use my Sunday vernacular and this word is frying my brains, but there I think I spelled it correctly...),I found another lost project go figure...I was planning this sweater for my birthday last year and duh.. It's past. But maybe I'll target for this year(it's only 3 months away)

The pattern name is called Fleur and it's from Jaeger I bought the book the same yarn required so far it looks cool. I'm going to work on it today.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A beautiful day....

City Island,NY a great place to live. Took this picture while sitting at the beach starting a new knitting project.
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Love this...

So I have OCD combined with ADD......I can't help myself

When I look at my boy the Moon( Bear Maiden named him that)I realize that the teachers and the therapist are right when their telling me that he has a mild case of ADD. Yesterday as we're walking to the train after school I challenge him to five minutes without fidgeting while he walk to the train, LOL I couldn't control myself because I thought he was going to explode. I think it was the most excruciating 5 minutes of his short life. When the time was over he just went into a shake and itch fest and felt much better. But why do I bring this subject up because I truly believe like my Moon I have adult ADD . I can't concentrate on any task for too long for example on my obsessions. My new obsession:

My Blackberry Pearl in all its Glory!

I love this thing,I spend now my time on this phone ...Not making phone calls but adding software and just playing with it. I have added TWITTER which I spend my time following people around. I 'm trying to find more knitters on twitters(cool rhyme...). So if you twitter while you knit follow me and I'll follow you (sounds stalkish but it's fun!).

But as always I try to see where my knitting fits in all of this and of course my shoe obsession. Here are the new ones that I am now drooling about:

Christian Dior I worship thee (right now...)

You see how I go from one subject to the other.... And I would love to wear these with:

That's if I ever finish this dress, but I need to go back to what I have started already (sigh...)

As you see I do have difficulty concentrating.

Please I need serious help.....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My dream shoes

Well I'm at work and I'm liking my new job. But right now is one of those moments that there is nothing for me to do, so there I go web surfing and what do I find a picture of the shoes that I have been drooling for only a year ..... Drool,drooling.... Someday......
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

As I promised.....

Whew this is hard work but I'm trying and enjoying it again here's my post for the day a tad bit long , but I call it a catch up post. I'm promise I won't bore you as I hate when there is a lot rambling going on(Blame it on short attention span!). I will keep it short and simple. Enjoy...

This is one those projects that I have started and it's in progress I just picked it up again and I'm tooting along....

It's the Debbie Bliss Empire Line Sweater done in Alpaca Silk. I'm loving this one....

Now I'm proud that I finish this one:
The infamous Mermaid Gloves done in Koigu. I took my inspiration from a blogger name Catduck (Which by the way she moved her blog and I can't find it, does anybody know if she is still blogging I loved her site)

I gave these as a birthday present to my dearest friend BearMaiden she loves quirky things and these just look like her. I'm glad she loved them, I think now I have to make some for myself but.....I have to finish this before I continue:

I have been trying to finish this for Hubbie and I promise myself I'm goingto try to finish it before this winter. I better step up to the plate it's May already.....

When it comes to knitting that's what I have so far that's concrete. I have a lot of WIP but I swear I have some sort of ADHD because I can't concentrate on anything( Like right know I'm blogging and checking my Twitter)

I tell my friends that they have to focus but I'm in the same boat I can't. Today I'm taking the buddies exploring again. We went to the beach last week but the Sun didn't get to go(Sun is BearMaiden's cub) But hopefully he'll be ready before the end of the day so we can go.

The other two cubs, mine and my neighbors(Moon and Dreamy) are ready and they are just waiting so I 'll see you later.........

These are from their last expedition according to them this was a learning tool for their next outing...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

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Time flies when you're stress....

Well it has been almost two years that I started blogging. Life throws curve balls at you and you realize that they're more important things in life and that you have to stop and smell the flowers or shoes if you're a shoe lover like I am....
So what has happen...I decided to take a high polluting job that took the life out of me and took all my creative desires and whimsical ideas. Yes I was a corporate fiend .....
But alas on April 7th, 2008 I said no more and walk out(yikes!)and since then I have been soul searching and regaining my sanity.
I know my girlies are proud of what I did and I'm proud of myself ,scared but proud. I took a stance and decided that being poor and happy(without no new shoes !) is better than money and no time( to buy new shoes.....) .
So in the next couple of weeks you shall see the fruits of my labor and soul searching. But in the meantime last year I did a trip that will be forever in my heart. I went to Italy with my sis and it was the greatest sister bonding experience.

Of course on and off my Knitting WIP are hopping along I will post some more pictures during the week.