Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hello.....I am back!

No I haven't lost the urge of blogging, nor the love of Knitting. But it has been a whirlwind of 2 months. I started a new job and even though I like my new job it has been ever so consuming.... But I decided that I need my life back and my therapeutic knittng break,therefore going forward I will not let no job, no kids homework,no husband get between me and my blogging and knitting! So there I have stated my new years resolution, yes I am going to become a happy knitter, lock myself in a tower with no cleaning , no tending to kids or family, no pets, no worries about my wight, no worries about work,just knit,knit knit.....( And that is a wonderful dream!). Now really I am going to start knitting more. Here is a sample of what I have been working on this week.

I Pick up my husband's Sweater again and I am on fire up and besides I keep listening to the little hints "how is my sweater coming along ?"

Well here is my progress....

From when I started a couple of months ago(let's be real a year ago....)

and now I am up to the neck shaping and starting the back:

Also I have picked up steam with my Central Park hoodie which I am loving:

Well there will be more coming I am trying and having fun! I will not get lost again...I will keep in touch.