Sunday, May 25, 2008


Today while looking to clean up my yarn stash and uploading pictures of my projects. I came upon my Italy pictures.

There she is in the midst of one of the most beautiful and breathtaking buildings that I have ever seen The Vatican. Full of tourists,noise and conmotion taking time to pray. At that moment all I could think was I hope I can find the peace that she does, and in that moment I did. Today looking back I realize that that once in awhile we need to stop and look for the moments....

Talk about reminiscing(I trying to use my Sunday vernacular and this word is frying my brains, but there I think I spelled it correctly...),I found another lost project go figure...I was planning this sweater for my birthday last year and duh.. It's past. But maybe I'll target for this year(it's only 3 months away)

The pattern name is called Fleur and it's from Jaeger I bought the book the same yarn required so far it looks cool. I'm going to work on it today.


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