Monday, July 07, 2008

I forget that I'm a real mommy......

My best friend Bearmaiden has tagged my son as the Moon, and how dark it was literally without him this week. I have realized that I miss my shadow when he's not around and how boring it is without him. Even though I have been very busy, I had missed him sorely. So when last night he came back from his mini vacation and I saw him My heart started beating happily again. I love my son and all I can say for all my friends out there that know me, I'm not a very affectionate person but my Moon makes me melt and I become all mushy. In the world of Shoefly today (as bearmaiden calls me) all is well as my Moon as come to shine in mommy's world again.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The economy is bad but..........

What is a girl to do when she sees something as beautiful as these:

She buys them! That's what I did yesterday. I was minding my business,having a sister bonding day and there we are in the Macy's shoe dept and I see these beauties staring at me( yes I know that shoes have a hypnotic effect on me).these are Michael Kors and they just were so different from your usual summer sandals, very classy and elegant. To top it off they were 65% off, yes 65% PERCENT OFF!. so I picked up those bad boys and they're all mine......

Then I come home and realized what I did so I pick up my knitting and excitedly start working on my lacy dress because I have to to keep myself entertained so I don't go back and go on the hunt for more shoes. I don't know if I loving my lace work, but I don't like to quit so I'm going to give this another couple of rounds before I throw in the towel on this one. I have ripped this piece a couple of times but I 'm getting the hang of it and I do love the dress.

This is the start of the bodice part and I can't find to many knitters that have tried it. So it's hard to find help or ideas.
So let me know what ya 'll think about it.........

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Catching up on everything

It has been a fun and busy week. As I promise here are pictures from the spectacular Bronx Ball which my family was invited to because we're lucky to have a brother who is the organizer of the event. As you can see there were some celebrities that were inducted into The Bronx Hall Of fame for their achievements in any area of life(ie. TV, Film music etc. ). It was an absolute and spectacular and beautiful night at the beach. Kudoos to my bro.. for such a wonderful event....

And even though there has been much partying I still found the time to start my lace dress:

I 'm still trying to figure out how to pick up the stitches but hopefully I do that today and keep you posted.

My precious Moon is away and I miss him dearly. He is staying with one of my best friends in PA because I didn't have a babysitter this week and she offer so graciously to have him share some time with her boys which are almost the same age. I know he is having a great time but Mommy misses her shadow dearly.....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm knitting along and then........

Like I promise I would start my knitting journey again, and I have. So here I am knittting along my Debbie Bliss cardigan when wowsa! Big Gaping Hole! Holy Manolo Blahniks what happen! So off I am to Rip Rip Rip...and and start again.

In the meantime I started swatching for my next year summer dress( and I say next year because we all know that it ain't gonna happen this year..)

The pattern recommends for a 20 stitch gauge per 4" a #6 needle. I'm getting 22 stitches so I need to go up a needle size. So off I go to try it again. Any recommendations?

Now I'm on my way to start getting pretty,as for tonight we're are heading towards the beautiful, swanky and fun Bronx Ball 2008 at Orchard beach. We're getting all dolled up for tonight. So I need to miraculously lose some lbs and reduce my stomach so I look perfectly coiffed and hot (dream on but I'll try) in my sexy dress and of course my shoes...Here's a little peak of course of my shoes for tonight(because we know that's priority)

The little soldier is kneeling in awe,because my shoes are smoking hot. Wait until you see the whole outfit. I will blog tonight and show picturs, see you later......


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Holy Bags!

These days have been busy but a good busy. Exercising, knitting(yes slowly but surely), and very little shopping. But alas my new discovery, it's a bag rental website where you can rent a bag and try it out and then return it after certain period(almost like netflix). Well I thought I would give it a try and I rented an inexpensive one for an evening event that I 'm having, and this is what I got:

I order this beautiful Lockheart Bag and it's breathtaking with the only exception that I didn't read the measurements and it's bigger than I thought but I will use and flaunt my bag around for a month and then return it. Now isn't that cool..... Have to go and rent a real evening bag.