Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm knitting along and then........

Like I promise I would start my knitting journey again, and I have. So here I am knittting along my Debbie Bliss cardigan when wowsa! Big Gaping Hole! Holy Manolo Blahniks what happen! So off I am to Rip Rip Rip...and and start again.

In the meantime I started swatching for my next year summer dress( and I say next year because we all know that it ain't gonna happen this year..)

The pattern recommends for a 20 stitch gauge per 4" a #6 needle. I'm getting 22 stitches so I need to go up a needle size. So off I go to try it again. Any recommendations?

Now I'm on my way to start getting pretty,as for tonight we're are heading towards the beautiful, swanky and fun Bronx Ball 2008 at Orchard beach. We're getting all dolled up for tonight. So I need to miraculously lose some lbs and reduce my stomach so I look perfectly coiffed and hot (dream on but I'll try) in my sexy dress and of course my shoes...Here's a little peak of course of my shoes for tonight(because we know that's priority)

The little soldier is kneeling in awe,because my shoes are smoking hot. Wait until you see the whole outfit. I will blog tonight and show picturs, see you later......



At 11:29 AM, Blogger AR said...

hehe Love the awestruck soldier. Those shoes are smokin hot! I love the dress you're planning too. Sorry about the ripping, I hate it when something like that happens.


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